Added May 23, 2006

Carmen has a huge set of tits. She's a little on the curvy side but she has no problem take 9 inches deep in her ass and swallowing cum.

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To play on a popular movie title “There’s something about Carmen” but I don’t know what it is. I lie of course I do know what it is- it’s a nice big juicy pair of tits, the ability to partake in some killer anal sex and the raging thirst that makes her want to swallow cum like it’s orange juice. OK so so she’s a little chubby and she ‘s not got supermodel looks but she just oozes sex appeal The scene starts with Carmen lying there massaging her marvellous boobies which are covered by an all too small white top. Some really nice close ups with the camera man looking up at her from below making her tits look absolutely gargantuan. 3 mins- what we’ve all been waiting for the tops off and the twins are out to play. More boob massaging and then a nice bit of jumping up and down and they’re both flopping around all over the place. Again some great camera close ups. She licks both nipples & there’s some boob slapping too 5 min: the pants are off and she shows off her juicy backside. Stretches her pussy and asshole. And there’s more boob play - never seen a woman who enjoys her breasts so much! 6 mins 30 secs- Down to massaging her pussy then she massages some oil in to boobs. Great camera shots looking up at the boobs. 9 mins 30 - she shoves a red dildo up her ass. She’s moaning away- faking it? well the squirting certainly isn’t fake! 13 mins- our lucky guy moves in for a blow job. It’s all a bit stop start for my liking, needs a bit more rhythm but he holds her head in to position which is nice 16 mins- change of position. He’s sitting down and she’s leaning over him sucking him off , some great shots of her tits hanging down. My god it might just be the zoom lense but the cameraman seems to crouching beneath her staring up at her tits 18 mins- and the sex starts she’s on top reverse cow girl She’s giving us some great sounds (moans, oooh and aahs) - she’s really enjoying it now. Some great close ups of boobs bouncing up and down. Then it’s spoon style, with some really hard slapping sounds. 26 mins- changes lanes slow poke in the ass spoon style. Looks like her eyes are watering at first but she’s moaning in ecstasy. Then he starts to speed up. Finally he gets it all in, fucking her hard with his balls slapping on her ass. Brief ATM then back in the ass again for the final stretch 31 mins- and she opens up wide for 5 nice long strips of cum. She shows a a real good mouthful before gulping it down with ease. The scene finishes off with standing up playing with her boobs again- does she never get bored with them? Scene Action Markings Boob Play 10/10 Blow Job 6/10 Vaginal 9/10 Anal 8/10 Swallowing 10/10 Overall 9/10 In summary a great scene and one of the best scenes on prime cups. Only drawbacks for me is the blow job (needs more rhythm), would like to have seen more anal sex with more positions tried (e.g. reverse cow girl). Was a great swallow but would have been good to feed her a couple more loads ! :D