Added December 11, 2007

The sexy big breasted Daria gets a three cock pounding in this movie. She is sporting a little pussy moustache but the guys don't mind. They fuck her silly and drop three loads on her rack.

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Is this the same Daria we have come to love? I mean, she was hot before but this change has potential. She has changed her hair color and style, adopted a different makeup theme, and added a few pounds to increase her curvature. All three are very positive additions at first glance. At 3 minutes, 53 seconds, we get to see our old friends again, Daria’s tits. Still the mesmerizing fun bags as before, but… dare I say, larger? This girl knows how to move, knows how to tease, and knows how to fuck. She spends time showing off her body which has only become more stunning, though a trim downstairs wouldn’t hurt. She eventually gets on all fours and crawls to the camera. I am hypnotized by her beauty. Ironically, even the actors can’t take any more teasing. They run out and throat fuck her while she is still in the prone position. The camera takes a low angle as they wait their turn probing the inside of Daria’s mouth and throat. We see the number of men increase from one to three very quickly. I doubt they had problems finding actors for this one. If there was any doubt this is the old Daria, seeing her suck should bring back lovely memories. She goes after their cocks with 100% effort. A lesson some of the other actresses should pay attention to. When the camera pans to show the grinning faces of the actors, you might think they won the lottery. Hell, they have! They take turns titty fucking Daria, who can’t seem to get enough cock in her mouth. She lies on the stairs and takes their cocks from below. Another actor takes this opportunity to stick his member into her pussy. During the reverse cowgirl part of the scene, it appears the men cannot keep up with Daria. Perhaps if they get too close the friction she produces may incinerate their cocks. Daria is definitely in control and these boys are along for the ride. Her energy level and expertise make the various positions blisteringly hot. They go through just about every play in the book that Daria will let them. But be prepared, she wants to do it at full speed. There is no slow and steady with her. Incredibly, you see the actors tagging out when they can take no more. It looks to me Daria thinks it’s humorous that it takes three men to even keep up. They do an admirable job nonetheless. I appreciate the low camera angle during the doggy scene, showing her being pounded from behind while we are below. The boys get another chance to tit fuck her, but alas all good things must end. The first one to pop does it between her tits while fucking them. It’s a nice change of pace that you rarely see anymore. The next one strokes off onto her breasts, but at least he gets sucked off after he finishes. The last one does the same thing, but he gets his nuts grabbed or ass fingered while he cums. It seems to be a special going away present from Daria. Pros: Excellent energy level, incredible actress, lucky bastards. Cons: It had to end sometime… My Score: 5 out of 5 - Civ