Added May 16, 2006

This busty little speciment shows us her massive rack and her pierced clit. She masturbates her tight pussy with a dildo until she cum.

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Dorothy Black


Art & Addons piercing Body Type smooth skin Breasts large round Butt apple Clothes casual high heels skirt Ethnicity caucasian Eyes brown Face Type fashion model Fetish spitting tittie play Furniture chair sofa Hair long - curly Hair color blonde Location terrace Pubic Hair trimmed Pussy/Labia meat curtains small Sex female orgasm fingering masturbation Skin tone medium Tease boob flashing butt flashing striptease Toys dildo - anal dildo - pussy

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to one of the hottest PrimeCups episodes ever, with the incredible Dorothy Black - the kind of chick most of us would sacrifice our right hand for, to just.... well, I guess you got the idea. Actually she improved her look even more since her first appearance at GiveMePink. You really see that this is the kind of girl that puts a lot of efforts and thought into her looks. Pretty face, stylish hair, well-manicured hands, well-placed piercings in her perfect-looking pink pussy, a healthy but not overdosed tan, an outfit that matches to her overall appearance... to make it short, every slightest detail is just... tasteful. Mrs Black starts out in a very sexy outfit; white/pink tank top with heavy cleavage, white mini skirt and heels in contrast to her fine tan (which on other girls might have been a bit too much, but is very becoming to her). You instantly see that she has quite some experience at teasing the viewer. She starts posing with very elegant moves, gives us a less-than-a-second nip-slip, turns around to show us her tight butt, continues to play with her revealing top, giving us deep insights into her cleavage (just so that she doesn't totally reveal her goods), then takes out the left one and then the right one of her heavy and full breasts out, but each time she still covers her breast with the other hand while pulling aside the top. So when she puts 'em back, you haven't fully seen 'em yet... but got a good idea of what's waiting for you. Teasing par excellence. Dorothy then continues her elegant posing and teasing, massages her breasts under her top, play a bit with her pussy (under her panties), until after around 5 minutes she finally releases first one and then the other boob with a longer "nip slip" and some licking. However, it takes almost 7 minutes until she finally unleashes those guys, by taking off her top. And wow... they DO look good. Almost too good to be true, actually. It's hard to say whether they are all natural, or somewhat augmented. I couldn't see any stitchings, and actually they do have a beautiful and natural shape. But then again, they look a bit TOO round, and too perfect to be true. Could it be that a single girl can be that blessed? Be that as it may, natural or not (and usually I am a strict lover of natural boobs) her rack looks as beautiful as the rest. Anyway, she continues with some slow and smooth tit-play (including a bit of licking), but basically just framing and stroking 'em, instead of blocking the view with fast and uncoordinated kneading (like so many other models unfortunately do, as soon as they reveal their goods). After that, some more teasing while playing with her panties, kneeling with her back to camera - giving you (again) less-than-a-second insights into her inner-holiest. Not enough to actually get a picture of her pussy, but giving you a good idea of what's waiting inside. (Honestly, I wish all models would be that awesome, experienced and simply graceful at teasing). She then (slowly) starts to masturbate, but makes you wait almost 9 minutes before she finally pulls the string aside, to give you a clear look into her perfect, clean, pink and pierced pussy. So perfect, it almost hurts. (Unfortunately this is also the part, where she takes of her stylish heels... just as a side-note, neither do I have a foot-fixation nor does the camera focus on that in any way. They were just fitting to and rounding up the overall look.) She continues to masturbate in a doggy position, until after 12 minutes she finally decides to take off her panties (again, with some very good string-play-teasing), kneeling to give you a good and clear view on her firm and nice ass - which she then starts to oil up. Of course, her tits get oiled up next - and in that state they really look incredible (almost a shame that I questioned whether they are natural or not... it doesn't matter anymore). All slippery and oily (geez, what a view) she lays back to relax with some more tit- and pussy-play until (after around 17 minutes) the camera guy hands her a huge, clear-transparent dildo (yep, even the toys are stylish in this video). Basically here the teasing ends, and the action starts. She starts to play, sticking it into her oiled up pussy, while the camera still maintains a good and clear view on her fabulous jugs (for the most time). She continues the dildo-play in some positions for some 5 or 6 minutes, until we switch to a (very close) close-up of her fingering her pussy -one of the very finest of it's kind, to be sure- and then some close-up tit-play and nipple-pinching. After that, she stands up for some jumping, jiggling and just simple but beautiful hanging of her boobs (and at this point, I'd almost certainly say that they're natural, but oh well... I don't wanna be the fool, if I'm wrong) to switch into a doggy-position for the Grande Finale: After around 30 minutes it's Anal (Toy) Time, including A2M and an almost artistic view when she plugs that blue glass toy in again - this time even deeper- to let the hilt loom over her ass -untouched- while she continues with some pussyplay. And then it's over. The compulsory orgasm (probably feigned, but this is porn, so who cares? ;)), some more A2M with the plugged-out toy, a final view over the body of this goddess and one of the hottest solo scenes I've ever witnessed (one of the few scenes, that deserve such an extensive and pedantic review) closes - after around 37 minutes. All I can do, is hope to see more of her here - rather sooner than later :D