Added February 20, 2007

The stunning Eliza is back at Primecups. Her perfect set of DDs bounce once again as that cock is dissapearing in her ass. A massive cumshot is delivered all over her rack.

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Eliza is amazing, she has storng toned legs, an amazing bronze tame. She has that way about her that just make you want to rip her clothes of and still your dick between those big juice tits. Eliza has the tastiest pussy out there I bet. In this movie she does everything well from the striping part to the money shot at the end. This movie is a must see.


Yeah, shes pretty fine, big tits, nice ass and pussy, can't complain. She needs to make more movies. See, what I don't get is when your a chick like her with those boobs, i do not understand how can they possibly get anything done in their personal life anyday!???????????!!!!!!!!! I would never be able to do anyhting.


eliza gets me so fuckin hard everytime i watch her videos. Those big ,round and juicy prime cups that i would suck all day long, i don't care if they are non-natural, they are still amazing. the ways she moves and tries to get ur fucking dick hard is one of a kind. Her ass is no doubt one of a kind along with those legs are a total turn-on. i'll fuck you all day and everyday. keep showing her videos..Nice..


Eliza is a pretty brunette with super-sized breast implants. While they are fun to look at, I really prefer more natural-looking breasts. You know, they actually move with the girl's body. That said, Eliza knows how to fuck and watching her is a fun experience. Wearing white, Eliza teases us by showing us a glimpse of her still covered big tits. I especially like the way she licks them, always a turn-on. Next she shoves two fingers into her pussy. Later, while on her hands and knees, she inserts two fingers into her tight asshole. Now she's all ready for the lucky stud to enter the scene. She looks great sucking on his long hard cock. He obviously noticed those big breasts too, becasue he makes sure to take the time to fuck them. I would too! So, where does she want his cock now? Right up her ass! She impales herself, sitting hard onto his hard dick. Switching positions, he continues to pound her tight asshole until he splashes a huge gusher of cum all over her breasts. Nice! This is not my favorite PrimeCups video, but it's still a lot of fun to watch. 7/10


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