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The always vocal Helen takes on two cocks. Her big tits bounce as she gets fucked up and ass. She screams like crazy! Two loads fill her mouth up. She swallows them down.

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Helen is a gorgeous, Hungarian blonde. The scars on her tits let us know they are man-made, but her bouncy tits accent an awesome body. For nearly 15 minutes we watch as she teases us with her 100% fuckable body. Finally, the please as the first stud enters from her left as she squats on the floor. Helen waste no time getting his cock into her mouth. He clutches her hair with his right hand as her mouth motors back and forth over his dick. Stud number two enters from the right. Helen swings her head around and goes to work on his cock as well. The two men trade off filling her willing mouth with beef. Helen’s silicone-filled tits shake with each dick thrust. One of our swordsmen takes a set in the chair. Helen climbs on backwards onto his upright shaft, and slides her asshole down over it. The other stud stands to her left, and feeds her his trusty tubesteak. Helen looks super bounce up and down on his cock as her tits jump up and down in unison. They move the action to an ottoman. Helen rests on her right side. The stud that was just in her mouth now fills her sweet ass, and the bastard who had been pounding her ass slips his filthy cock into her mouth. It is obvious that this blonde bitch had been to the ass-and-mouth rodeo before. Helen deep throats the yummy cock in her mouth as the other jackhammers away at her poopchute. All three stand up. Helen’s ass continues to take a thrashing. With her right hand she strokes the cock of our other worthy warrior. The backdoor assassin lifts her left leg eye so the camera can get a good view of her asshole getting invaded. The two men turn Helen around so they trade-off activities. Helen’s screaming really highlights the action and the scene. Helen crouches between the two, and goes back to stroking and sucking their cocks. The guys are not shy about grabbing her head, and slamming their dicks home. As hard as they are slamming her fucking mouth I am waiting for one of their cocks to pop out of the back of her head. They move back to the ottoman, and have Helen recline back on it. A hard dick once more fills her ass. For the next few minutes he slithers his snake in and out of her dark cave. Helen slides off the ottoman and squats on the floor between the two again. It is now time for her reward. The first stud squeezes his gooey treat out onto her tongue and into her open mouth. The second stud tilts her head back with his left hand, and squirts his load into Helen’s already sticky mouth. She shows it off to the camera, and then proudly swallows her protein prize.


This movie stars Hungarian darling Helena. She has gone through several different looks since she has been doing porno. Now she has her braces off, but is sporting a pair of fake tits. Helena really looks spectacular here. (I wasn't a fan of the braces.) Since we are checking out the Prime Cups site, there is quite a bit of focus on the tits here. They look great in the black top she is wearing, but when the top comes off, we see she has some unfortunate scars on them. We get a nice tease with Helena showing off her tits and then playing with her pussy. She also rubs chick oil on her tits. This would be much hoter, but I am too distracted by the awful scars on her tits. Helena is joined by two studs and starts with sucking on both of their poles. The sex starts straight to her ass in reverse cowgirl. The action continues in side-saddle, then a tag teaming in standing doggy, and missionary. Helena then swallons both loads and we finish off on her ass. This scene is a bit difficult to review. If you were a breast man, and a Prime Cups subscriber, you would be put off by the terrible boob job Helena has in this scene. The scars are pretty distracting in the tease portion, and when she is riding reverse cowgirl. However, if this were an Asstraffic scene, this would appeal to you much more. I've seen Helena in her Prime Cups, Asstraffic, and PurePOV scenes, and she does not take a cock in her pussy for a minute in these scenes. My type of girl - all ass all the time. Some people might complain about the lack of a dp, given that there are two male performers. But not me. The sex is hard and fast and Helena screams quite a bit though the whole fucking portion. She really seems to be into the sex, as she does in all of her scenes, and appears to get off. Great performance by Helena. rating (Prime Cups) 3/5 my rating 4.5/5


I saw the Helen's Asstraffic movie and I wrote a few comments about it: - I didn't like her braces and now they are off. Great!!! Now she has a beautiful face. - We couldn't see her boobs in that scene and now we can. What can I say? They are fantastic but unfortunately she has scars :evil::evil::evil:. - I realized that she only gets fucked in the ass? Why? What about your nice pussy? What about a DP? :?::?::?: In my opinion this is a better movie. We can see her completely naked and fucking a couple of guys. Rate: 4.8/5 I am looking forward to see her again in a better scene. I suggest a couple of things: "repair her tits" and "DP" her. This girl is so hot.:twisted::twisted::twisted:


Helen(a) is exceptionally hot in this primeCups video. She's a pretty blonde with brand new breasts that really look fantastic although it obviously wasn't a very clean boob-job. With her new breasts, she reminds me of Briana Banks only less produced. The braces that she wore in the previous video are off, and her teeth look great. She starts the video in a two-piece denim outfit that frames her breasts perfectly. She does a great tease, and her gray eyes are very expressive along with her provocative smile. The first 14 minutes or so include some nice stripping, and closeup fingering action of her pretty shaved pussy. Later, she's joined by two guys who enjoy her good oral skills. Both guys take her anally, and she looks great especially in reverse cowgirl playing with her pussy as a big cock fills her asshole. She is a screamer, and while it adds a little to the action it can get a little excessive. Sadly no double penetration in this flick. In the end, she takes two creamy loads on her tongue before swallowing. She’s really a great performer, and looks great in nearly every scene. The guy in me appreciates her performance but the more thoughtful person in me wonders why she had to get the lousy boob-job. Sure her breast size is great, but I thought she looked pretty hot with smaller breasts and braces!