Added March 14, 2006

This busty teen blonde gets oiled up and ready to fuck. She gets a hard cock in her ass and then downs a big load from her mouth all over her tits.

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Jasmine Rouge


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What a great ending, it's just great to see a girl that's really into swallowing cum. Our guy strokes his dick until he can't hold it any longer, and starts pumping out creamy sperm, he misses the first shots, but thankfully his semen is so thick that it sticks on the sides of Jasmine's open mouth. She starts collecting the sperm with her finger and putting it inside her mouth while the guy continues to deposit his tasty seed in her mouth, and I loved how he squeezed his foreskin to get more semen out. Jasmine swallows the white cream, and laughs. Swallowing is better when creamy semen is involved, and Jasmine looks so sexy with semen dripping from the sides of her mouth.


Jasmine has a gorgeous face, a great body and she is a completely performer. Definitely, she has everything to be an excellent porn star. In fact, she has done scenes for almost all the sites and most of them are pretty good (by the way, I don't like her look in CumForCover). This one on one scene is focused on her perfect big breast (but not huge). The oral sex part is great, then they switch to reverse cowgirl, first in the pussy and later in the ass. Then we see different positions.In my opinion she put too much oil in the body and looks weird and Unfortunately, the anal penetration aren't deep. The final of the scene is awesome with a great cum swallowing. Very good scene but not perfect: 4/5.


Jasmine (as usual) looks scrumptious in this movie, wearing a light blue halter top and panties that go nicely with her tan body and light blonde hair. As the movie starts, she enjoys teasing us by rubbing herself through her panties and top. Her breasts are not huge but they look marvelous framed by the blue bikini top with pink fringe. As her top comes off, she juggles her breasts for us and pinches her nipples. With the camera looking up from the floor, she peels her panties off, showing a nicely trimmed bush and beautiful long legs. She bends over for us as she rubs her pussy, her splendid ass finely displayed as her firm breasts jiggle in rhythm. Jasmine next pours some chick oil over her breasts and rubs it in, her gorgeous curves glistening. With her upper body all shiny in oil, she takes a stud’s hard cock into her mouth and pumps the guy’s cock with her oiled breasts. A particularly nice scene involves Jasmine bending over and sucking the cock with her ass in the air, sparkling breasts bouncing as she bobs up and down on the fleshy spear. She even takes both balls into her mouth during the blowjob. The next scene has Jasmine impaling her pussy on the stud’s dick, and we get a nice look at her face as she watches the action. Her breasts bounce nicely as she moves. Next, keeping in the same position, she lowers her asshole onto the stud’s hard cock, and takes a nice long rides. She moves her hips nicely as she rides. In the end, the guy shoots a thick, creamy shot of cum across her mouth and into her mouth. After scooping the cum still on her face into her mouth, she opens wide to show us the creamy mouthful, then swallows a good portion. The remainder is used as icing for her lovely breasts, as she dribbles the cum/spit mixture onto her love mounds and rubs it in like a fine moisturizer. She even rubs the other cum spills elsewhere on her body onto her tits and licks off a creamy glob. I love that! She looks like she’s having fun jiggling her cum-soaked tits for us. Jasmine does not have the largest breasts on Primecups, but I’m happily surprised to see her on this site. She has a body that is well proportioned, making her look healthy and natural. As much as I love big breasts, a girl like Jasmine with the total package is even more desirable. I highly recommend this video to other fans of beautiful breasts and Jasmine’s breasts in particular. :D