Kyra Queen

Added August 25, 2013

Kyra Queen's natural breasts almost explode from her tight shirt. She sucks a big cock and gets fucked. Her breasts are covered with a ton of sperm.

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Kyra Queen


Body Type curvy Breasts large round Butt bubble butt Clothes bra costume high heels lingerie pantyhose Cumshot titty cumshot Ethnicity caucasian Eyes blue Face Type slutty Fetish eye contact tittie play Furniture sofa Hair long - curly Hair color dark Location living room Male - Cum average Male - Dick size big Position doggystyle regular reverse cowgirl standing Pubic Hair shaved trimmed Pussy/Labia small Sex blowjob - single titty fucking Skin tone light Tease boob flashing butt flashing flirting Toys dildo - pussy

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amazing body, yes..... but those EYES!!!!!!! geeeeez


44:30~44:47 in 1080p is broken.....just loop and replay Please upload a new version...


Beautiful girl, wow!


On this first scene of Kyra Queen, she initially appears wearing a tight shirt making her big and natural breast to stand out and a very small skirt showing her very appetizing ass, together with a pair of tights. You know from the beginning when a model has the right attire and definitely this is the case. She strips and touches her leafy body just to spill some lube to rub her boobs and to penetrate herself with a big dildo. The camera views from below looking up to Kyra are the best. She starts sucking cock, the camera angle this time below and backwards the male performer while she is sucking is more than perfect. While fucking, the camera concentrates mainly on her magnificent ass. The scene ends with a big cum shot to her boobs; Kyra Queen enjoys rubbing the hot cum on her beautiful breast. [-Ramón]


Kyra Queen is the perfect PrimeCups prototype girl: big natural tits in a curvy body and a beautiful face (amazing blue eyes). She is a wearing a sexy elegant black bra, that makes her boobs even more appealing during the teasing part. She plays with a big dildo on a mirror and fucks it with her tits.
When the actor joins the scene, she goes on her knees and give him an epic long blowjob. Then it gets even better, tit-fucking and finally some regular sex positions: cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy... and of course, a huge cumshot all over her tits, to close a classic PrimeCups perfect scene.


She is so hot. Please shoot her again, don't forget to DP her!


Who could ask for anything more? Kyra is a wonderfully curvaceous woman with tits to die for. They are nearly the perfect blend of size, shape, and jiggly-ness (if that's a word). I was quite thrilled by the amount of screen time dedicated to Kyra's heavenly co-stars. She plays with them, squeezes them, teases them, and oils them up. The camera gives us a heaping dose of close-ups, which I absolutely love. It's not often that videos, even breast-centric ones, give as much attention and screen time to fabulous jugs. Yes, usually they are part of the movie, but in this scene they are in your face for most of the video. The scenes where Kyra stands over the camera and dangles her fun-bags over the camera is inspired and superb. Additionally, the dildo on the mirrored surface is quite interesting and unique. All of this teasing leads into an equally satisfying hardcore portion. All the right angles are provided from tit-fuck to doggy-facing-camera to cowgirl-tit-bounce. Thank you Prime Cups for giving Kyra's awesome tits the attention they deserve! - Civlor


Do my eyes deceive me or does Kyra look like Scarlett Johannson? Her face, her build, her tits... everything except the blonde hair is close to identical. I've never had sex with said actress but I'm sure she wouldn't be able to top Kyra's succulent blowjob, damn that alone is worth multiple viewing. Her outfit, complete with black sheer thigh-high stockings is great, only wish it could've stayed on the action is great.

One thing I'll say about the new PerfectGonzo movies is the editing. The angles, the shots, the setting, make-up are all impeccable but the new angles and shots in these movies from roughly a month ago to current have really great transitions and a variety of views of the action.

Another thing I'll add is the absence of off camera voices. That can only be a plus for these movies so that we can focus on the beautiful women, their bodies and the things they do with them!!! -Tripod


holy god - AMAZING scene


Greatest update since the return of the site. Kyra is beautiful, she has a nice pair of big-round melons that tit-fuck a big, shiny, tasty-looking cock, which later covers them in white sperm.


ooowwwww Perfect, She's Perfect, the scene is perfect