Marina Visconti

Added June 27, 2014

Busty Marina Visconti is back for some more bit tit anal fun. Big boobs, big gapes and a huge titty cumshot.

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Marina Visconti


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Why couldn't she leave her glasses on...


Beautiful innocent babe with huge natural tits. Great scene, I so would love to fuck her and grab those big boobs of hers.


Marina Visconti has really soared to popularity with her fantastic performances and rocking tits. This video is another great addition to her growing collection of solid scenes. The glasses are definitely a nice touch. She does a great job getting the scene started by playing with her breasts. Then, she rewards the actor by giving him the personal treatment. The only complaint I have, and there has to be at least one, is the scene is shot with her tits as an afterthought. Being a Prime Cups video, I expected the fun bags to be focus on a bit more. Fear not, there is plenty of tit fucking and great sex. A solid performance from a great actress. - Civlor


With her glasses and full figure along with the somewhat more mature look of her attire, Marina has that MILF look about her. Don't get me wrong, she is plenty hot for any of the PerfectGonzo sites, but she just has the look of the fantasy woman who just happened to be the last one working in the office or some other staged sex scene in a porn movie. She has a very alluring face and perfect breasts that deserve their own PrimeCups video. Excellent teasing at the beginning, primarily showcasing her boobs. I don't mind the glasses but she is much hotter and younger looking without them. The way her breasts move as she's being fucked doggie style at 19 minutes or any other way including anal for that matter. Very solid and fun performances by both actors. She is so good, she desrves a pearl necklace! And the male talent obliges, providing a fitting ending for this great PrimeCups video. 8/10 mmmgood


When you talk about sexy women she is the best one. Until now she is the best one on the website.  Beauty,sexy, natural big tits, nice and smooth body
Please more scenes with her.


I like Marina Visconti a great deal, even with the slightly mullety hair style she sports in this scene, and I love how she can go from sweet and giggly to slutty in a flutter of her eyelashes. Both Marina and her guy make the most of her oiled, bouncing breasts at the start of the scene, showing off Marina's fun side, before quickly going into a full-on deepthroat blowjob. Neither the oral, nor the vaginal sex which follows, last long before Marina takes him in her ass. It's all well shot, though maybe anal positions could have been better planned so as to really show off her bouncy breasts. Marina really is a star though.


OMG I cant get enough of these all natural beauties from Europe. what an incredible scene. The only thing missing is a guy with a huge cock to fuck her. that would then be "perfect gonzo". James does a nice job.....but this is almost perfect porn. Mix it up guys!


Marina looks sexy-geek-cute in her outfit and glasses. There's a nice tease and it's 17:35 when he slips it doggy style into her pussy. It's definitely nice to see her snatch getting some tickling before he sticks it up her ass.

It's 21:40 and it's another awful bit of cutting to her on top, still pussy-fucking. Whoever edits these scenes should be sacked. Cutting from one position to another is simply wrong.

21: 20 and she's on the white sofa (careful, guys) and we actually see him pop it into her ass. Should have been a bit closer and slower but at least it didn't end up cut. She takes it well up the ass, she looks great and she looks like she's having a good time. Lots of ATM and her tits are just fantastic. He pops on her tits at 46:00 and she rubs it in.

Really good girl and nice scene, editing could be improved but this still a very good one. 8.5/10.


What a delight it is to watch Marina play with those incredible tits. I could've watched her lick, bounce and oil them up all day. She clearly enjoyed having her tits fucked and played with, even laughing a few times. Watching those tits bounce as she was getting fucked during doggy was just awesome. This scene had something for everyone with atm, deepthroat and gapes, ending with a big cumshot on her big tits. Big thumbs up from me.


In this scene I really liked the attire that Marina is wearing, she looks very sexy using glasses; the hair style and the makeup fits perfectly. She starts playing with her tits and some oil, like warming up for her sex encounter; also Marina starts showing her excitement for the scene [Its much nicer when the models are not serious and prove conviction for the act]. And I'm sure about this because next she starts playing with her tits with the male performer, not so usual to see but definitely her attitude is delightful. And with the same attitude she shows her oral skills and her sex positions/willingness [I love how she prepares herself to be fucked in doggy style and how she takes her breast while being fucked, especially when she cradles her boobs]. Marina Visconti is all attitude and we adore that! [-Ramon]