Roxy P

Added July 24, 2007

Roxy needed more cock so that's what we gave her. She sucks and fucks three guys taking each one in her ass and doing a DP. Three big loads land on her tits.

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Sandra Black


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One of the greatest "Cum On Tits Finale" on Perfect Gonzo. At the end of the movie, Roxy gets on her knees, the guys take a couple of seconds deciding the order they're going to take on unloading their balls on Roxy's huge melons, and the result was really impressive (For some reason I was expecting weak cumshots). But it wasn't the case, the 3 guys ejaculated an impressive amount of semen that nicely covered Roxy's boobs, at the end they looked delicious with all warm sperm on them. They looked as glazed muffins.


Let me start with a conclusion after watching the scene: this is one of the best movies ever. 10/10. Sandra Black (aka Roxy) is back and she looks hotter every day. You can read MmmMmmGood review to have a detailed description of the action, but I recommend you to watch this scene right now. I am only going to comment a few parts. I love when she sucks the three guys sitting on the couch and in the other positions, deepthroating included. Then they start to fuck her ass in reverse cowgirl, which allows us to see her nice boobs and her to suck the other two dicks. After, they fuck in several different positions with hard penetrations that make her scream. Finally, the guys trow three huge cumshots all over her tits. Excellent movie.


Here's an instant classic PrimeCups video starring the incredible Sandra Black, known on this video as Roxy P. She reminds me quite a bit of another beautiful big-breasted beauty favorite of mine, Laura Lion. Sandra is an incredible amazon who is so sexy and so desirable that it almost hurts. Oh, but it hurts so good! Roxy has a statuesque body with firm, perfectly proportioned breasts, long dark hair, long legs, pouty lips and a really sexy look. She starts the video wearing a two piece black outfit with red trim, not my favorite but it will be coming off soon anyway! She primps and poses for about four minutes before the blessed event occurs -- her breasts are revealed! Oh they are incredible, and she teases us by playing with her nipples. What are you gonna do to make those great breasts even hotter? Lube them up, then make her crawl on the floor like tiger in heat. It obviously works for the three guys sitting on the couch watching because by the time she starts to give them some attention, they are fully standing at attention. At 10:00 we watch as she bends over with her back (read as her ass) facing us and engulfs a hard cock, bobbing up and down on it as her breasts do a little dance of their own. The camera angle reverses and we are watching her front (read as her breasts) as she continues her sloppy wet blowjob. Change partners and repeat. Now, just a few minutes later she's on her hands and knees and we watch as a stiff cock enters her open mouth and slides inside. Oh yeah, you can almost feel it! Change partners and repeat twice. Now we're only in the middle of this movie and it just keeps getting better. Watch at 20:00 as she is fucked anally reverse cowgirl style while another stud fucks her mouth hard, hands wrapped around her neck choking her. It's very intense. The guys take turns and the positions are changed rapidly, but our gal is up to it. Ten minutes later we see her taking a double penetration missionary style. Minutes later she's on her knees taking it in both holes doggie style while sucking the third guy's cock. She looks a little tired at the end but who can blame her. So where do you think the guys squirt their splooge? Lets just say the movie closes with a fitting PrimeCups ending. This is a great video. Don't miss it! 10/10 :D