Added April 8, 2008

Tami has a big set of natural breasts. It's amazing to watch those big tits bounce as she is getting fucked. She swallows a load of cum after the intense sex session.

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I love Tami. She is a big busted, real-looking girl. Her nipples are out-of-this world. Tami is the kind of girl you expected to find at a bar, take home to her trailer, and fuck with your buddies. In this video she only has one dick to worry about. It is hard to take your eyes off her tits even while she slurps away on beefy slab. Tami rides her lucky dick donor on the sofa. Her tits flop up and down as she ride his tall pole. With both hands on her waist he helps to drive the buxom beauty up and down. I love the camera angle when it looks straight up at her mesmerizing jugs. Out stud enjoys squeezing her two funbags. He takes a seat on the sofa as Tami leans over his right. Her mouth and left hand do their best to please his meatstick. Her breast bounce in unison with each thrust her mouth takes down his dick. The lucky bastard evens gets to fuck her tits as Tami leans over his cock. Pressing her tits together she cradles his dick between them. Tami mounts his hardened column reverse cowgirl as he remains seated on the couch. Her perfect orbs bound up and down as she plops her pussy up and down on his cock. The kinetic energy those two moving objects make must be enormous. Her alabaster body is magnificent as it flops on his lucky dick. Laying her natural position, on her back with legs spread wide, Tami welcomes his pounding. She holds her breast in place with her right arm to minimize the earthquake effects they could cause. I like the effect that Tami has a bit of a belly, it gives her that authentic appeal. From her pussy to her tits he moves. He fucks her superb mountains as she squeezes them together. The helmet of his cock taps against her out stretched tongue as it slides back and forth. It occasionally even slips between her lips as he holds her head up slightly. The busty bitch takes up the doggy position on the sofa. He slams his stiff sausage into Tami’s pussy. The camera never strays far from her swing tits. After several minutes they go back to their original fuck position with her on top. Tami after a bit dismounts. She sucks his cock as she presses it between her breasts. Tami kneels on the floor. He fucks her mouth before turning to tit-fucking. From there he lunches on her sweet tits. After helping her to sit back on the couch he munches her cunt for a while. He then goes back to plowing her pussy as Tami lies on her back. The good bitch squats on the floor with mouth open wide. From her left the stud appears vigorously stroking his shaft. From the slit of his head his thick, white cum spills into Tami’s mouth. The noble whore swallows his creamy dose like a good girl. If I could add one thing: please, please, please, please use Tami more. I would kill to see her in Asstraffic or Cum for Cover!