Added October 10, 2006

Tina has an absolutely amazing set of perfect breasts! She swallows a cock down and then gets pounded. Those tits end up covered in cum!

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Nora Davis


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Will this be available in HD? Stunning girl...


Review Within the first few moments Tina proves to be a hot performer, with an extremely sexy body and a sultry, Mediterranean look about her which is enhanced by her dreamy eyes. She really knows how to give a good strip tease and is equally pleasing during the hardcore action. It is hard to find fault with this scene because it flows well, features a dreamy blonde (who works up a sweat too) and contains high quality and lengthy sex scenes with cock hardening moaning and groaning from Tina. Some may be disappointed that there is no anal and the camera does focus more on her breasts but apart from these points it’s a cracking shoot. Verdict 8.5 / 10 Description The very sexy Tina with dreamy brown eyes, long legs and of great breasts also has a fine ass and is hot tease with some experience under her belt. She prowls around like a wildcat marking its territory before removing her panties and slowly spreading her legs to reveal a picture perfect, bald pussy. She then pulls out one of her breasts, and proceeds to lick it and stimulate its nipple, before doing the same with the other. After which she oils herself up, and continues to caress her boobs some more whilst simultaneously pleasuring herself with a dildo. Her co-star then enters and she moves straight to licking his shaft before performing a sensual blowjob. A pretty vigorous tit fuck occurs next which is followed by more blowing, this time the male star driving his shaft down her throat. The hardcore action begins with a good stint of reverse cowgirl action. Tina looks a picture riding up and down rapidly on his pole and her natural tits are firm throughout, barely moving with the momentum of each bounce. A blowjob interlude joins the previous scene to another lengthy scene with Tina being fucked on the arm of the chair which leads seamlessly into more sex with Tina fucked standing and in a mid-air reverse cowgirl. She then has her buns iced with cum and is seen playing with them one last.


Tina has an amazing pair of boobs and this scene is very focused on them. They are ones of the most perfect tits I have seen in these sites. They are big (but not huge), round, symmetric and firm. Like I said all the action is focused on the breast so all positions allow us to see this magnificent rack. Most of the time the camera is filming from down, but I think I would have been better to use other angles, like from the top or the side. Anyways, this is a good soft scene (no anal) with a very nice girl. Rate 4.5/5