Kyra Hot & Yuliana

Added June 21, 2024

Busty hotties Kyra Hot and Yuliana are joined by a lucky stud for an hour of boob worship. Two big cumshots over their big titties.

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Kyra Hot, Yuliana


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So, when I saw Yuliana's other scene, I did not think she was Prime Cups material. How could I have been so wrong? (Or has there been some construction done in my absence?) Kyra and Yuliana make a dynamic duo. Yuliana is still the innocent new kid on the block. Kyra is the tattooed, super-sexy, mountain topper that brings balance to this pairing. It's a bit funny to see Kyraâ??s bubbly smile and facial expressions next to the stoic and possibly scared look on Yuliana's face. For the first third of the video, they play with their tits. Please, do not take this as a criticism. So many "breast" videos show them off as an afterthought. Only Prime Cups, especially in this new series, takes the appropriate time to show them off and play with them. I salute you all. I also find it ironic that the "veteran", Kyra, was a newbie herself not too long ago. My God, she has blossomed into a fantastic actress. I almost blew my load less than half way through the video when she started gently sucking on Yuliana's tits. It was like she was teaching her a lesson in pleasure. This video is truly two videos in one. During the hardcore part, the girls show off their fantastic skills while the cameraman keeps the focus on their ample boobage. It goes on and on, getting better and better. Yuliana even gets into the spirit of things. For boob lovers, this has to be one of the best scenes to come along in a long, long time It is fantastically hot. There is not enough room in this review for all the things I liked. An instant Hall of Famer! - Civlor


I'm always intrigued by the girl/girl/boy threesome but my eyes in this video can't stay off Kyra. She has such a hot body and shocking red hair. I love the view of her bent over and getting fucked between 56-58 toward the end of the video. Please bring her back for her own video in the future. mmmgood


All I can say is WOW! Like chewing doublemint gum. Double the pleasure.


I really missed Kyra, so I'm very happy to see her again in another scene! This time in a beautiful g/g/b scene, which are one of my favorites. Yuliana has big and beautiful tits, but the breasts that Kyra owns are one of sexiest I have ever seen on the porn industry; and with the shape of her body she just looks great! The massage that Yuliana gives to Kyra is almost like a striking dream. Kyra and Yuliana make a great team, I looks like Kyra leads the scene and Yuliana gives the "final touches" in every action. I can't lie, Kyra is my favorite "euro" model since I saw her in another big network site; but so far this is her best performance. This scene was perfect, with two cum shots by the male performer; with Kyra I will have done the same thing too at least ;) she is my dream come true. [-Ramon]


Kyra (with the tats, last spotted on here with dark hair) and Juliana (who we last saw on Asstraffic) are both back. They're a couple of eastern European looking ladies who have been blessed with nice baps. They spend lots of time jiggling their tits and there's the obligatory oiling scene. They then get fucked in the pussy by the guy. Lots of doggy style, quite a bit of pussy to mouth. The guy pops "first" on Kyra's tits at 38:50 - looks like a bit of an accident - then goes for round 2 and pops again at the end of the movie. It's an OK scene, not much more, the girls are fine but I didn't find them super hot and I'm never convinced by this male talent. 6.5/10.


The beautiful, young Kyra Hot is back, and perfectly paired with curvy newcomer Yuliana in this marvelous big titty showcase. Both of these babes have racks to die for, and complement each other well as they take turns lifting up their shirts to reveal their mouth-wateringly gorgeous breasts. We actually get three separate sets of boob reveals before the shirts come off for good, which is great for fans of huge knockers (i.e. everyone watching). Kyra and Yuliana have amazing asses which are also prominently displayed as they bounce up and down on a hard cock. The first third of this epic scene features lots of jiggling and shaking as these two girls share their goods with each other and then with a very lucky male performer. They take turns polishing and stroking the hard cock with their mouths and breasts as well as bending their curvaceous bodies over and sticking their bottoms out for some great fucking. These babes are so horny that they can't even find time to remove their thongs. It's a miracle that this guy didn't explode at least 50 times before the end of the scene. The same likely isn't true of most who will watch this scene with throbbing-hard members in hand. Not much more can be said other than: grab a towel, sit back, and enjoy these big-breasted beauties.