Kyra Hot

Added March 28, 2014

Kyra Hot wiggles and jiggles her magnificent rack. Her big tits bounce up and down as she slides her wet pussy on a dildo.

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Kyra Hot


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Good scene for the most part just another long boring preamble, get to the action faster!


She is great but, you should persuade models to NOT tan themselves very much, especially their breasts. I like white skin and boobs are not meant to see daylight. They are a rare and special sight because they have been hidden way.

Sure, they are happy enjoying your pool until you lose the customers (me) who pay for everything...

Hint : Boobs are white and snatches have hair.


Kyra Hot is beautiful what tits she has please bring her back I love solo girl videos. Perfect gonzo is the best website!!


She is flawless , everything about her is so sexy. NEED more come on !!!!


Her name describes her nature. Nowadays Kyra Hot is one of the most beautiful girls in the industry. Slim and stacked, always smiling at the camera demonstrating her joy of each play she does. In this scene, you will find Kyra Hot playing with herself like you never seen this beauty before; shaking and bouncing every curve of her hot body. She loves playing with all kinds of lube on her literally sweet body. The camera shows in detail the smoothness of her skin while she rubs her thigh pussy, squeezing her big tits and penetrating herself with a dildo full of lube. Finally she takes it all to her mouth to taste her own juices. At the moment; this is the best solo of her that you won't find anywhere else but only Perfect Gonzo can give you. [- Ramón]


What's not to like about Kyra? Beautiful smile, great ass, awe-inspiring tits. Staring up at them while she rubs them is not only amazing, but probably hazardous to my health. My heart shouldn't be beating this fast. Points off for food porn. It is only then do I realize that this is going to be a solo video. Before we judge too harshly, I must say this is one amazing video. A lot of tit play makes me happy, but it could have used more, I suppose. In the end we get a bit of "Give Me Pink", which is not an entirely bad thing, given the phenomenal hotness of Kyra Hot. Then the video just ends, leaving us wanting. Would this have been better if it were hardcore? More tit play? More bouncing and swinging? Would more ever be enough of this goddess? A keeper! - Civlor


Most beautiful girl in the world. hope she does so much more for you guys on the network


Great film. great pics. More of her asap.


i would rather see a girl masturbate then getting fucked any day member guy, anyways kyra hot is an amazing talent i loved seeing her pleasure herself and want to see her do more like give me pink or fist flush :)


This girl Kyra Hot has to be the most amazing girl I ever seen.  Thank God for your big dildo scenes however because you guys need new big dick talent for these babes. It's the one thing VERY missing.